Clarkston Rocks!!

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good.
I know the Lord is great,
That our Lord is greater than all gods.
— Psalm 135:3a & 5a
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Beginning June 11, thirty happy and eager servants traveled daily to Clarkston, Georgia.  It is difficult to imagine so many people groups—sixty languages in a one-mile radius—live in this small Georgia town.  It was an honor to be a part of this week’s Camp Encounter where children could receive academic tutoring, be a part of sports camp, or art and music camp (a.k.a. Clarkston Rocks). Of the 150 registered campers, approximately 70 attended our Clarkston Rocks music and arts sessions, which included Art, Crafts and Musical Instruments.

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Each morning began with a chapel session, during which Pamela taught songs about God’s goodness, greatness, everlasting love, and power to the children.  Lauren McCook taught the children to sign the memory verse and each day Pastor Eric, from Clarkston International Baptist Church, taught a different attribute of God to the children.  So, every day all of us learned something new of God’s Glory and Wisdom, that He is Almighty and sovereign.

What a blessing it is to hear the children’s sweet voices singing praises to the Lord!

You have set your glory in the heavens through the praise of children.
— .Psalm 8:1-2
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At art and music camp, the kids had a great time learning how to play instruments and how to make them too!  They also got quite good at reading and playing different rhythms. 

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Clarkston Music Camp 2018 kids with pencils.JPG

Boot camp and music bingo taught the kids to read the many symbols that are found in a musical composition, while we all exercised, ran, hopped, and jumped to the music. We really got our steps in each day while having so much fun! 

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Have you ever tried to balance an Oreo on your forehead and get it in your mouth without using your hands?? Try it....great family fun and lots of laughs. 

Clarkston Music Camp 2018 oreo 2.JPG
Clarkston Music Camp 2018 learning to paint.JPG

We also expanded our repertoires with Chinese art techniques. Adults and kids alike became quite adept at managing the brush to create fish, flowers and birds...truly works of art.

Clarkston Music Camp 2018 finished painting.JPG
Clarkston Music Camp 2018 painting.JPG
Clarkston Music Camp 2018 JF team and kids painting.JPG

Throughout the week, our team members remained alert for possible opportunities to have gospel conversations with the children.  During art classes, team members were especially sensitive to praise each individual’s artistic ability, instead of focusing on our “mistakes.” We used that opportunity to talk about how, through Jesus, God can see each of us as His perfect children.

Friday’s highlight was having the families join us for celebration and sharing of all that the children had learned and built in camp: scripture, sign language, worship through song and playing of instruments, arts, crafts, new friendships, and so much more. 

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Looking into the eyes of these beautiful children from so many corners of the world is a precious reminder of how diverse Heaven will be.  Our daily prayer was, and is, to be an instrument in sharing the Good News!

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To God be the glory. Our God is in the Heavens; He does all that he pleases.
— Psalm 115:3

We pray that the Lord was pleased with our efforts and will multiply them and those of Clarkston International Bible Church and the Proskuneo School of the Arts that is housed there. 



Clarkston, GA (June 11-15)

JFBC is sending another team to Clarkston, GA, this time for five days. We will be helping with the Clarkston Rocks summer music camp. Since the team will commute back and forth from Clarkston every day, we would really appreciate prayers for safe and easy commutes, as well as for health and energy. We are so excited to share our passion for the Lord with these children as we teach them about music—not simply for its own sake, but as an expression of worship. Music can be such a powerful tool to share about the Lord and to lead people into relationship with Him. Please join us in prayer as we show love to these children and their parents and as we serve as the instruments of the Lord in His mission to seek and save the lost.  

Here is an outline of prayer requests specific to each day’s events:

June 11: Transportation safety driving from JFBC to Clarkston, GA daily, as well as good health of team members

June 12: The spiritual songs, Bible stories & scriptures we are teaching to penetrate the children’s hearts

June 13: God’s joy to be captured by the students as we learn about His gift of music & art            

June 14: Divine appointments & God’s power as the team has opportunities to share with the music camp participants – perhaps encouragement, a testimony, a prayer, or the gospel message

June 15: Parents that come to the parent performance will understand and know the One True God about Whom we are sharing                        

We thank you for your prayers and support, and we cannot wait to share with you what all the Lord has in store over the upcoming week and beyond!

Clarkston: A "Roaring" Success!

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A “Beats and Brushes” class is just that!   BEATS: getting to play all kinds of cool instruments; using your body to clap, stomp, and pat out neat new rhythms; and learning new songs!

clark 1.jpg
clark 3.jpg
clark 4.jpg

. . . .  And BRUSHES: making cool crafts with paint, glue, and who knows what else (macaroni, perhaps?)!

clark 5.jpg
clark 6.jpg

BUT . . . here is the key:  all those BEATS and all those BRUSHES point to the WORD OF GOD—in our case, specifically to “Daniel and the Lion’s Den.”

clark 7.jpg
clark 8.jpg

We made “prayer boxes” to save all the prayers that our young people will want to lift to God and to then observe His answers!

Clark 10.JPG
clark 11.JPG

We made backpacks with lions all over; a lion puppet; a lion sun catcher; and a lion’s mask for our final performance.  We had to admit that having a wonderful story about God’s protection involving lions leads to some really fun crafts!

clark 9.jpg

Ireland (June 1-11)

Greetings from Ireland!

We’ve had an eventful and productive time so far. At just halfway through the trip, more has been accomplished than expected, and God has tremendously blessed us with new friends at Operation Mobilization (OM) – the organization we’re assisting. Before the trip, we asked the Lord for good weather so we could get as much work done as possible. The weather has been clear and warm all week, which is extremely unusual for Ireland!

The Irish countryside is spectacular, and Lacken House is an incredible place. It’s exciting that God placed it in the hands of OM to be used for the Kingdom.

ireland 1.jpg
ireland 2.jpg
An aerial view of Lacken House and the surrounding grounds and chalets. 

An aerial view of Lacken House and the surrounding grounds and chalets. 

On Sunday, we attended church at Life for the People Church, a Portuguese congregation dedicated to outreach in Ireland. They were welcoming, friendly, and fun to interact with.

ireland 4.jpg

We ate lunch with Daniel and Ashlyn Lowe. Afterward, we watched the Soap Box Derby.  The track had a ramp and curves, and the entire town came to see.  We finished the day at the ruins of Castle Roscommon – a fascinating site!

ireland 5.jpg
ireland 6.jpg

Monday and Tuesday, we set to renovating the chalets here at Lacken House.

ireland 7.jpg

Here’s Kay removing caulk from one of the chalets.

ireland 8.jpg

Since the sanding machines couldn’t remove paint from the grooves in between the planks, Jim had the “character building” job of hand sanding these areas. 

ireland 9.jpg

After the sanding was complete, the team began putting two coats of paint on the chalets.

God has blessed our progress, and despite one or two hurdles, we’re ahead of schedule! It’ll be exciting to see what’s accomplished by the end of the week. 

Clarkston, GA (June 5-7)

How is it that our team from Johnson Ferry will be participating in an “international” mission by driving 21 miles to the southeast to Clarkston, instead of to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport?  Here are some fun facts on Clarkston, Georgia!  TIME Magazine once called it “the most diverse square mile in the United States.”  It would seem that that is very true, since according to the Clarkston website, there are 60 different languages spoken within the 1.4 square mile that makes up Clarkston!

We will be working with Proskuneo Ministries, a ministry in Clarkston with a vision for “bringing all nations together in worship” so that we might “worship on earth as in heaven” as the Apostle John describes in Revelation 7:9.

Proskuneo Ministries offers various music and art classes to students of all ages in Clarkston.  In the last couple of years, our teams have been a part of their expanding the ministry by offering various music and art camps in the summer.  As part of that vision, our team of 9 ladies will be leading a “Beats and Brushes” music camp for a group of 4-6 year old’s from a wide variety of nationalities.  Our theme is “Daniel in the Lion’s Den.”  So, we are equipped with some fun songs on prayer, obedience, and LIONS!  The van will also be loaded up with cool crafts and yummy snacks! 

So… what we would covet is your prayer support!

Please pray for safe travel to and from Clarkston each day and the health of the team.

Please pray for divine appointments as team members have opportunities to share with the music camp participants, parents and staff.

Please pray that the spiritual songs, Bible story (Daniel in the Lion’s Den) & scriptures we are teaching will penetrate the children’s hearts.

On the last day of the camp, we will invite the parents to a short program to listen to the songs their children learned and see their handwork with the crafts.  Please pray that the parents and care givers will come to the performance and will understand and know the One True God about whom we are sharing.


Romania 2018: Serving those who Pastor

Romania Bound!

Romania Bound!

Here we are moments away from beginning our 5,000 mile journey to work with Romanian pastors to work with their congregations to build up a prayer ministry as their power source. 


Putting on a US style BBQ and having church members invite their unchurched friends is one of the ministry opportunities for the team. Here we are selecting the meat at a local butcher shop. 


Our first session of the prayer retreat for 30 pastors and prayer warriors from the surrounding area. What a blessing to see the Holy Spirit burst out in another language!

Closing prayer to conclude the first day of the prayer retreat.  


Our trip leader, Earl, is enjoying the outpouring of prayer from our brothers and sisters who speak Romanian. I suspect he’s listening with joyful anticipation with Revelation 7:9 in mind.


Searching God’s word for what it says about prayer.  


It’s Saturday so it must be BBQ time! 30 men came, ate, and shared life experiences:  your blogger just slipped up and didn’t photograph the full gathering. 


Sunday worship, with 4 baptized!


This is how one dresses for baptism in Romania. Full immersion too!  No changing clothes. 


Each person gives their testimony with their family beside them.  


Roaming around the Roman ruins excavated in Alba Iulia. A garrison of the VIII Legion was established here to protect the nearby salt and gold mines worked by the Romans. 


Evening worship with shared testimonies.  


Great to have the youth help out with worship! 


Monday we spent having our hearts broken from visiting some of the widows and poor from our partner’s congregations, sharing gifts of food and praying for their needs  


Making up 10 packages to be delivered.  

Making up 10 packages to be delivered.  

Victory is 91 years old, came to Christ when Communists in power in late 1970’s, persecuted for her beliefs, and the first in her village to be evangelized. 

Victory is 91 years old, came to Christ when Communists in power in late 1970’s, persecuted for her beliefs, and the first in her village to be evangelized. 

Anna has Parkinson’s but is overjoyed that a church from the US built her a house that is not open to the elements or rats. Her old house appears below. 

Anna has Parkinson’s but is overjoyed that a church from the US built her a house that is not open to the elements or rats. Her old house appears below. 

Our concluding activity was a women’s outreach event where testimonies were shared.  

Our concluding activity was a women’s outreach event where testimonies were shared.  

Tomorrow the team begins the trip home, inspired and humbled by what God is doing in Romania.  

West Africa: Remember the Sabbath

This was our final day and one we will always remember with our fellow Christians. There is no better way to begin one’s day than with praising God through song!  Our friends know how to do that! 

Ministering to the children was so joyful.  We were blessed by their enthusiasm, respectfulness, and receptiveness to the message.   Three hundred children came to church, and we were thrilled when eight accepted Christ today.  To God be the glory for that!

We will miss our new friends in West Africa but will always remember their gracious hospitality.  We pray that the ideas that we shared with them will be useful in their children’s ministry.  We believe that many teachers now realize that young children can learn the word of God.  

Please pray for our safe travel home and that our efforts will be multiplied for the Kingdom!!